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Are you considering estate planning? There are a few ways to plan for your estate; that is having a will, trust deed, or power of attorney.



You can write a will telling your executor how you want to distribute your assets after your after-life. We can help you with choosing your executor and writing a detailed will stating your wishes.



You can also have a trust deed appointing a trustee to manage your assets for your loved ones, the beneficiaries.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney

You can also have a power of attorney instructing your appointed donee on how to exercise your rights and power on your behalf.

If you want to manage the estate of your loved ones, we understand it can be hard for you in this difficult time. There are a few ways to get an order from the authority to administer the estate namely: grant of probate, letter of administration, and small estate administration.

Grant of Probate

Grant of probate

Grant of probate is an order from the High Court allowing the appointed executor to administer the estate according to the testator’s instructions in the will.

Letter of Administration

Letter of administration

A letter of administration is an order from the High Court appointing an administrator, usually the close ones of the deceased to administer the deceased's estate.

Small Estate

Small estate administration

We can help you to apply for small estate administration when the estate is a small estate and there is no will.

What Our Customer Say

It is indeed a blessing I was introduced to Lawyer Tan Wen Jie, of WenJie & Co. After the first interaction, I felt he could be the lawyer that would finally help me with my problem which lasted for more than 15 years.

He is a very approachable person and that makes me feel at ease to relate my problem and need for protection.

His due diligence, research, and hard work in my case helped me view my case from different perspectives. Based on this new understanding, I can take proper actions to safeguard my children's interests. The road ahead is clearer now.

I highly recommend Lawyer Tan Wen Jie if you are faced with any legal issue or legal battle. He can help dissect, analyze, and lay out steps or plans of action.

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Christine Ng

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