About Litigation

Are you having disagreements with another and did not get you what you want? Even after you tried to negotiate? Yes, we can understand how you feel and it can be difficult for you. Usual disagreements come from unpaid debt and other types of disputes. It can be resolved either amicably or by court proceedings.

Unpaid debt

We can help you to claim for unpaid debt due to you by first issuing a letter of demand. If it does not work out or you disagree with the proposal, then we can represent you to start court proceedings.

Court proceedings

Court proceedings or litigation are usually used when negotiation fails. We can represent you to initiate or defend court proceedings to fight for your rights.

Enforcement of judgment

After the judgment, we can help you to enforce the judgment to ensure that the other parties follow the order of the Court: It can be various methods such as winding up, judgment debtor summons, and garnishee proceedings.

Alternatively, we can help you to appeal against the order of the Court and postpone/stay the execution of the judgment pending appeal to the higher Court.

What Our Customer Say

My family company was sued by the neighbouring landowner for encroaching on their land. They claimed an amount of more than RM 200,000-00 for the damages.

I then engaged Mr. Wen Jie to represent me. What surprised me was that he personally went to the sites to inspect the lands. And we discussed with the other party for settlement but did not agree on it.

In the end, the Court reduced the damages payable by us by about 90%. We will recommend WenJie & Co. as they are attentive and is competent to represent you in Court.

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Mr. Lee

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