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We understand the feeling that you have when considering divorce whether to divorce or not. There can be many reasons such as differences with spouse, adultery, and financial disagreements. While you are the best person to decide on that and if you decide to divorce, we can help you with a few important areas.


Depending on your needs and whether you can agree with your spouse on arrangements for child, property, and alimony, we can help you to apply for divorce, either jointly (mutually agreed) or a single petition for divorce (contested)

Child Custody

We understand your children are your precious ones and you want the custody of them or at least, the right to visit them.

We will help you with this as the welfare of the child is the main factor in custody of the child.

Division of matrimonial assets

You may have purchased some assets during the marriage and you contributed either money or effort in looking after the family. We can help you fight for your rights on the property.

Child maintenance

Your child needs continuing maintenance for the basic needs and education. We can help you fight for a reasonable amount for the child's maintenance.

Spouse maintenance

You could have contributed to the marriage by quitting your job and looking after the home and children.

After the divorce, you may need some maintenance to sustain your lifestyle while you are finding a new path in life. We can help you fight for a reasonable amount of spouse maintenance.

What Our Customer Say

Me and my ex-spouse had big arguments and I was considering divorce. When I met lawyer Mr. Wen Jie, he advised me on the matters I needed to think of. 

He is friendly and attentive and always listens to my concerns.  After several discussions, I and my ex-husband agreed on the arrangements and decided to divorce peacefully. 

The whole process took less than half a year and ended amicably. I will recommend this law firm if you are considering divorce.

Abbey Tan
Abbey Tan

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