Are you a client, main contractor, or sub-contractor in a construction project? And you face unpaid claims for the work you have done? Yes, we feel you. It can be difficult to provide services while your invoices are not paid. Yet, you still have to pay your business overhead. There are a few ways to claim your unpaid money. It can be through adjudication, court proceedings, or arbitration (if there is any arbitration clause).


Adjudication is the most commonly used method to claim for unpaid monies in the construction works. While it is the fastest to get a judgment, this method is limited to claims for unpaid debts in the construction industry.

Court process

Apart from adjudication, we also can represent you in the Court to pursue your rights. This method is usually used when there are more disputes than unpaid debts. Also, it offers more certainty in the decision.

What Our Customer Say

I am very satisfied with the service provided. The firm is experienced and knowledgeable in handling cases pertaining to construction matters i.e CIPAA.

Azman Jopri

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