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Anti-Money Laundering

About Anti-Money Laundering

Are your assets frozen by the banks or other authorities? As a result, you face some money constraints. The main reason for the freezing is the assets were said to be income from unlawful activity. On this, you can either be charged with committing money laundering or your frozen assets can be forfeited.

Offence of money laundering

For the offence of money laundering to be sustained, the assets must be proceeds of unlawful activity. Also, the offender should know about it. These areas are where we can help you to be freed from the offence.

Forfeiture of assets

The Public Prosecutor can also apply to forfeit your property on reason it is from unlawful activity. We can help you to secure the release of the seized assets.

What Our Customer Say

I run an online business and my money of more than RM 10,000,000 was frozen by the police as they claimed it was unlawful money.

I then engaged lawyer Mr. Wen Jie to help us. He listened to our stories and concerns. What touched me was that he went through all of our bank statements one by one to check the banking transactions.

In the end, he managed to get back more than half of the money for us. I will recommend WenJie & Co. as they are competent and professional. 

Mrs. Ang

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